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Reinforcing Steel Bars

We import steel in rolls and straight rebar in different lengths from countries throughout the world, like U.S., Mexico, Santo Domingo, Turkey, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, amongst others. Besides having the most competitive prices in the market, we are proud to assure that all quality requirements from the ASTM (American Standard Testing Material) for building codes and norms are met.

We have the most complete inventory of reinforcing steel in Puerto Rico, including:

Foreing and U.S.A ASTM A615 Grade 60
Weldable STD ASTM A 706
Epoxy covered ASTM A775

We provide our customers complete solutions, including supervision and installation at the job site. Thus guaranteeing our focus in security, the experience and execution quality.

Wood and Building Materials

• Treated Wood
• Construction Panels
• Laminated Panels
• Wire Mesh
• Mechanical Connectors
• Nails
• Polyethylene
• Chemicals
• Corner Beads
• Burnt Wire
• Security Accessories
• Variety of materials for masons and contractors

Structural Steel

• Beams A572 Grade
• Channels
• Flat Bars
• Plates
• Angles
• Round Bars
• Square Bars
• Tubes / Pipes (round, square, rectangular)
• Expended Metals
• Available in Carbon Steel:
Stainless Steel

We have a wide variety of wood and building materials for contractors, masons and black smiths.


Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm


  • Rebar Cut & Bend
    Our manufacturing work shops, with more than 26,000 square feet, have the modern and precised manufacturing european machinery in the market
  • Reinforcing Steel Installation
    With an experience of over 50 years in the industry, we have participated on works of high complexity. This experience along with the most dynamic and arranged group of professionals in the industry enable us to provide installation services on site to satisfy any plan work. This service offers advantages in time and execution of each job and ensures the structural integrity of the project.
  • Structural Elements Assembly
    For those projects where quality and time are critical, we can assemble the structural elements whether they are beams, columns, footings, shafts, walls or barriers. We use cutting-edge methods including automated equipment with mechanisms that apply weld steel fittings under the ASTM A-706 standard. Also we dominate conventional mooring methods.
  • Post-tensed Cable Installation
    For those jobs that require post tensed structure cable systems, our services are essential. We are the company with the largest exposition of this structural specialty in the market. Our services include installation, reports and repairs, even solutions and optimizations.
  • Shear Stud Reinforcing Installation
    Though it may seem simple, the use or shear stud reinforcement on loads (vertically) can be quite complex if underestimated at the hour of placement. We dominate and understand the methods and logistics that this product requires to avoid complications with other structural elements and reduce the impact of time to interact with other disciplines and jobs.
  • Mechanical Connections Manufacture
    Among the benefits of this product, excels the flexibility to create mechanical connections in all conditions including the most critical. You can create save your mold and create connections almost anywhere to expedite and facilitate the development of the work. You can create any bar, remove seismic hooks in those connections with density of reinforcing steel or anchor it to a structural steel frame.
  • Mechanical Connections Installation
    We can install mechanical connections that reach 160% fy and meet the specification for Type 2 connections seismic zones. This applies to steel reinforcing connections #3 up to #18. Contact us and explore these alternative more designers around the world use every day.
  • Wiremesh Installation
    Being the wiremesh one of the main methods of mounting concrete, we have developed systems that facilitate and speed up the installation of the product. Either in slabs on the ground, metal deck conventional molds, sheet or mesh fences on rolls, we dominated to perfection this discipline.
  • Cable Installation for Parking Barriers
    To protect against falls, some parking buildings require the use of wire cables as barriers. These are used in the perimeters of the buildings and the access to ramps on each level. The function of the cables is to protect the vehicles from falling. In case the barrier is accidentally struck, being this such an important discipline, we are your most secure alternative.
  • Installation of Post-tensioning Cable Training
    In order to achieve success in a job, all responsible in the supervision of it, must be aware of the details required in the installation of post-tensed cable. Starting with the foreman, site engineer, project manager, security officer to the inspector should know basic skills in this discipline. We can train your staff.
  • Corrosion Technology Consulting
    We can see your needs and offer you alternatives and responses to your situation of reinforcing steel corrosion. Among the alternatives we can point to the use of galvanized reinforcing steel, stainless steel or reinforcement steel covered with epoxy paint.
  • Tilt-ups Rental Support
    We have support braces for prefabricated installations. Assure the correct form of these elements for its proper installation by using our support elements. Please contact us to verify its availability and capacity.
  • Installation Draws
    Our elaborated drawings or sketches, shows the correct, easy and secure way to assemble a structure. Following the tightest specifications of the designer, with whom we work closely to achieve a successful work. Shop drawings show the way in which the steel must be manufactured. We accomplish this by being precisely in detailing the amounts, diameters, lengths and angles. Following the specifications of our drawing, the workshop will achieve to manufacture any piece no matter how complex or structural importance can be.
  • Our Draftsman Team
    In our Engineering Department, we have the most complete and experienced group of draftsmen who has contributed in all of the most important projects of relevance in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

    Trust your projects to Steel Services and Supplies Experts, “Reinforcing the future”.


Steel Services Center – Warehouse Store

Recently our company again itself to continue backing up to construction and manufacturing industry establishing, the biggest Distribution Center of structural steel in the Caribbean, where the best and most simple assortment of steel and metals, such as beams, channels, tubular sections, pipes, angles, flat bars, wire mesh, among others.

This new center has the same capacity to meet the industry needs both locally and throughout the Caribbean, as other centers of distributions located in Florida, North and South Carolina, Texas and other cities in the U.S.

Offered Services

Cut and bend perforated structural profiles,,(steel, plates, channels, angles, beams) with the highest technology that allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our specialized computerized program on cuts and perforations, permit us to answer quite quickly, our customers’ demands at its highest level.
• We also make anchor bolts for steel structures threaded and bent, made to our customers’ specifications.

Steel Services & Supplies, Inc., at the vanguard, reinforcing the future of Puerto Rico.